Write Your Undiscovered Self

Write Your Undiscovered Self

A 5-week online depth-writing programme focused on accessing your unconscious, facilitating your innate creativity & expanding your sense of possibility.

Every Monday from January 29th 2024 – Monday February 26th 2024

(5 sessions in total)

6:00-8:00pm (UK time)

The pioneering Swiss psychoanalyst and one of the main founders of depth-psychology, Carl Gustav Jung proposes that what our rational minds takes for reality is only a partial view of what he calls ‘the real psychic facts’. Deep beneath our everyday awareness, we all have an undiscovered self who is the creative, animating and healing inner life-force behind our intuition, imagination and dreams. It is through learning to attune to the embodied wisdom of our undiscovered self that we can experience this deeper level of reality as an expansive cosmological web in which everything and everyone is connected. In this way, we can create the necessary conditions for living more fully, authentically and meaningfully.

Write Your Undiscovered Self is a five-week online creative depth work programme grounded in Jungian psychology and neuroscience where you will learn how writing can be used as a tool to support psychological and spiritual growth. The focus of the programme is on process, rather than outcome, and on what comes up in the writing, rather than craft, skills and technique. This means that you don’t need any previous writing experience to benefit from the course and there will be no pressure to read anything out. Weekly sessions will include an accessible introduction to key Jungian concepts, short writing exercises and related discussions in a supported learning environment. You will also receive a weekly worksheet with further exercises for you to explore in your own time.

Who is Write Your Undiscovered Self for?

  • Anyone who is curious about learning writing techniques to support psychological and spiritual growth.
  • Anyone who is interested in a basic introduction to Jungian depth-psychology.
  • Writers & teachers of writing who are interested in expanding their practice and range.
  • Therapeutic practitioners who would like to learn more about how writing can be a way of healing.

Weekly schedule

Week One: Write Your Undiscovered Self Introduction.

Week Two: Write Your Undiscovered Child Self.

Week Three: Write Your Undiscovered Great Self.

Week Four: Write Your Undiscovered Shadow Self.

Week Five: Write Your Undiscovered Future Self.

Guiding Principles

Although Write Your Undiscovered Self is therapeutic, it is not therapy. You are invited to take responsibility for your own experience, go at your own pace and engage with the material at a level that feels right for you.

By attending the course, you are agreeing to the following:

Everyone matters and has a right to be heard.

Everyone has the right to feel safe.

Everyone has a right to confidentiality – what is said in the group stays in the group.

Cost: £120

Rachel Newsome, PhD is a Jungian-based writer and teacher. She has a background in both the media and academia as a former Editor of the arts & culture magazine Dazed & Confused and a lecturer with twenty years’ experience teaching creative arts subjects, respectively. Rachel holds a doctorate in applying Jungian psychoanalysis to creative writing and is passionate about sharing her experience & expertise with others in an accessible, inclusive and heart-centred way. She leads numerous depth-writing courses, workshops & retreats, in addition to mentoring writers & creative practitioners. More information here: https://rachelnewsome.co.uk/

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