The LABRC is London’s first arts-based research organization which offers a wide range of inspiring projects, conferences, courses, workshops, as well as creative research opportunities for writers, scholars, academics and artists around the world.

The LABRC also publishes Indelible, a popular literary and arts journal, featuring the works of international creatives (writers, poets, photographers, visual artists, and reviewers), both established and emerging.

As well as Indelible, the LABRC hosts Psychreative, a digital arts-based research salon, Indelible Evenings, an online literary events series, and an annual Festival of Literature.

Indelible Literary and Arts Journal

Indelible is a literary and arts journal reaching out to a broader community of writers, both established and emerging. Indelible’s name, inspired by the way the poet Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) used it in her poem Trilogy, refers to inerasable ink, which is a metaphor for the power of words.


Psychreative is a monthly get-together for Jungian creatives. The purpose is to build an international community of Jungian creatives and to find a fun, informal way for cultivating a shared artistic space under the umbrella of “active imagination”.

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Courses and Events

Our activities welcome writers and researchers of various levels of experience—from the nascent to the well-established. Online or in-person, from two-hour workshops to two-day conferences to month-long courses, the LABRC offers inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to share, discuss, and transform your research or writing.  

How Do Creativity and Research Intersect?

We have been witnessing this complementary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary relationship between knowledge and creativity, both of which, through arts-based research, manifest as one and the same. We have all let our art take us and lead us to new places. We have all let it teach us as it turned into a creativity-led mode for knowledge-making. Poets, writers, visual artists, and researchers in psychology share how their craft leads to knowledge-making.

Indelible Literary and Arts Journal