Who we are

The LABRC is London’s first arts-based research organization which offers a wide range of inspiring projects, conferences, courses, workshops, as well as creative research opportunities for writers, scholars, academics and artists around the world. We also provide writing retreats, conferences, and other literary and art events (like open mics, author/artist round table discussions), festivals, and 1- on-1 writing/poetry surgeries. Our activities are held both online and onsite at selected venues such as libraries, universities, and museums. LABRC also publishes Indelible, an extremely popular literary and arts journal (twice a year), featuring the works of international creatives (writers, poets, photographers, visual artists, and reviewers), both established and emerging. As well as Indelible, the LABRC hosts the digital arts-based research salon Psychreative, online literary events series Indelible Evenings, and an annual Indelible Festival of Literature.

What is Arts-Based Research?

Arts-Based Research:

  • Arts-based research has been defined by Jones and Leavy as “any social research or human inquiry that adapts the tenets of the creative arts as a part of the methodology…the arts may be used during data collection, analysis, interpretation and/or dissemination”.
  • Generates deep insight by delving beyond conventional rational, cognitive modes of knowledge and understanding; it widens the scope and opens new channels for comprehending people’s experiences, ideas, and opinions.
  • The multi-dimensional quality of arts-based research encompasses a wide range of genres and creative disciplines (such as writing, poetry, painting, music, sculpting, photography, and drama).
  • Gives back to a wider community—researchers directly benefitting a broader, non-academic audience with their research findings. This research reaches out beyond the boundaries of traditional methods to explore the world around us.
  • We do not only research art but we perform art as a part and product of our research journey.
  • Arts-based research is not only about art, but it can be conducted through art as well.

We believe that:

  • It is important to deconstruct the split between art and academic research, and to look at research from a different angle.
  • Transdisciplinarity is a new framework for knowledge. As stated by scholar and writer Prof. Susan Rowland, “arts-based research can point to a transdisciplinary transformation of learning.”
  • Arts-based research offers the unique opportunity to mend the split made in the world of research between art and knowledge-making—it is an integration of creativity into traditional research methods.
  • We have seen that research is part and parcel of creativity and vice versa.

Opportunities at LABRC:

  • Be part of a like-minded community and meet other wonderful scholars and creatives through the LABRC’s conferences, courses, workshops, and other activities. Many of our activities will also be held online, offering the opportunity to learn and engage with other attendees around the world from the comfort of your home.
  • The chance to present at international conferences (of hybrid online/in person format) at many inspirational London venues such as The Freud Museum, Kew Gardens, the Association of Jungian Analysts space, The Court House in Somerset, Cambridge University, and the University of London. This offers a unique personal and professional experience, while enjoying the rich culture of the UK—we will also be visiting exciting historical sites relevant to the themes of our conferences!
  • The chance to publish your work in Indelible, as well as anthologies and conference proceedings which seek to feature some of the best works shared with the LABRC.
  • The exciting opportunity to meet, learn from, and interact with world renowned creatives and scholars (for a list of previous “celebrity” guests, click here. To have a look at forthcoming courses and workshops to be given by notable figures, click here).
  • certificates of completion (for courses and conferences) from the LABRC
  • A wealth of knowledge and new skills from sources, discussions, and practice, which you may develop into a conference paper, integrate into your research (eg: thesis, book, etc.), or publish as an article/book chapter.
  • Become part of a new writing community by meeting fellow poets from different levels of poetry writing skills. In other words, like-minded friends who may collaborate with you in future research/writing projects.
  • The chance to participate in co-organizing conferences and festivals, co editing publications, and co-hosting online events.
  • Hone your creative and research skills by receiving support and inspiration for exploring and developing your craft.

Who is it for?

  • Curious creatives from all areas of art, such as (but not limited to): poetry, writing (fiction, nonfiction), photography, music, drama, and visual art.
  • Scholars and researchers from different levels of academia—ranging from early researchers and postgraduate students to professional and well-established scholars.
  • Anyone who is interested in arts-based research.
  • Writers who would like to develop their skills and receive feedback.
  • Anyone who would like to be part of a community of inspiring and inspired people!