Call for volunteers!


graduate students, creatives, professionals, academics, researchers, publishers, scholars, and just about anyone who would like to contribute!

Description: The London Arts-Based Research Centre (LABRC) invites enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic community and contribute to the pioneering arts-based research initiatives we offer. At LABRC, we are passionate about cultivating a collaborative environment, and we are on the lookout for dedicated volunteers, interns and ambassadors who share our fervour for the arts and research!

By becoming a part of LABRC, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your skills, elevate your CV, meet like-minded people, enjoy meaningful work, and engage with the UK’s first arts-based research centre. Our diverse range of activities will allow you to interact with esteemed researchers, artists, and literary luminaries, all while enriching your own experience!

We are currently seeking assistance in various departments for our literary journal Indelible, online events like Indelible Evenings and Psychreative, conferences, courses, and workshops. Opportunities include research support, administrative help, marketing, co-organising, editing, co-hosting, and more.

Here are some ways you can get involved, depending on the role(s) you choose to take on:

Admin Tasks (virtual assistance):

  • Sending emails (acceptances, certificates, etc.)
  • Organizing schedules
  • Follow-up communications
  • Responding to common queries
  • Co-hosting or hosting
  • Crafting marketing emails
  • Inviting keynote speakers

 Research Support:

  • Facilitating fundraising
  • Exploring collaborations
  • Co-editing essay collections
  • Transdisciplinary research assistants (ABR)

Online Courses/Workshops:

  • Hosting/co-hosting engaging sessions
  • Teaching assistants (depending on the type of courses/workshops)


  • Promoting/sharing on social media
  • Creating compelling video content
  • Writing press releases

Indelible (Journal):

  • Reviewing and selecting Indelible submissions

Indelible Evenings/Psychreative:

  • Hosting/co-hosting captivating online events
  • Crafting thought-provoking interview questions
  • Writing post-event summaries and commentaries
  • Recording and uploading videos to our YouTube channel


  • Editing post-conference proceedings
  • Reviewing proposal submissions
  • Co-writing/co-editing conference Call for Papers (CFPs)
  • Preparing engaging opening remarks
  • Coordinating conference logistics
  • Providing in-person assistance (on-site presence required)
  • Creating post-conference summaries and press releases
  • Facilitating session moderation


  • Serving as editors
  • Conducting follow-ups


Roles vary, catering to individuals with different levels of experience, including graduate students, creatives, professionals, academics, researchers, publishers, and scholars. We have something for everyone!

Here are a few requirements:

  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • Advanced editorial experience in scholarly and/or creative writing (for potential editors)
  • Friendly and personable demeanour
  • Availability for 5-10 hours per week (role-dependent)
  • A passion for knowledge and the arts
  • Creativity in video, poster, and promotional material creation
  • Proficiency in social media promotion
  • Interest/experience in presenting, moderating, and hosting live events
  • Physical presence for conference co-organizers opting to join in person

Benefits:  While your support for LABRC is a labour of love, you’ll gain invaluable returns, such as:

  • Opportunities to learn from world-renowned researchers, artists, and literary celebrities
  • Outstanding networking opportunities
  • A unique career-building experience in research, creativity, and cultural entrepreneurship
  • Remote roles available, allowing you to contribute from anywhere
  • An enriching addition to your CV
  • Membership in a brilliant international community of arts-based researchers from various disciplines

If you’re eager to channel your skills and energy into LABRC and contribute to an innovative force in the arts-based research realm, then we certainly invite you to apply!

To express your interest and explore available positions, kindly send your CV and a one-page cover letter to info@labrc.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!