Women who Create: the Feminine and the Arts 2024

The London Arts-Based Research Centre

Women who Create: the Feminine and the Arts

A Transdisciplinary Conference

March 23-24, 2024

Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University
Call for Papers
Cost:        180 GBP (in person)
90 GBP (Online)
Abstract: Deadline January 31, 2024

Creative people, whether they are visual artists, poets, writers, musicians, designers, or actors (to name a few) have constantly changed the world. We would like to take a closer look at how women have played this vital role. How has women’s creativity changed, shaped, and formed the world through impacting different cultures, environments and disciplines?

Why do women write, paint, dance, and perform? Whether as a hobby or a need, women create for various reasons and because of multiple impetuses: they may do so to connect, to inform, to move, and to inspire others. But what has become manifest is that women who create, for whatever purpose, from anywhere in the world, all do so with courage and strength. As Margaret Atwood said about the writing experience, “A word after a word after a word is power.”

This conference aims to bring together scholars, creatives, postgraduate students, and professionals to explore and discuss the relationship between the feminine and the arts, whether it appears in history, science, pop culture, or any other epoch or discipline.

We are also greatly honoured to announce that our esteemed keynote speaker is the renowned arts-based researcher, professor, and poet Dr. Sandra Faulkner.

We welcome 15-minute presentations (academic and/or creative, from scholars, creatives, graduate students, and professionals.) that reflect this spirit and express aspects and issues of the feminine.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The feminine in creative non-fiction
  • Surrealism and magical realism
  • Portrayal of the female experience in popular culture
  • The feminine in spirituality
  • The feminine in nature
  • Gender bias and underrepresentation of women
  • The female body
  • Female sexuality
  • LGBTQ studies in the arts
  • The feminine in production
  • The maternal
  • Archetypes of the feminine
  • Goddesses, muses, and classicist influences of women in art
  • Gender motifs in poetry, fiction, nonfiction
  • The concept of displacement and female creatives
  • Women in translation
  • The concept of liberty
  • Identity
  • History through the creative depictions of women
  • Psychology
  • Daughters, sisters, spouses
  • Women and science fiction
  • The art of writing letters
  • Biography/autobiography
  • Poetry and gender
  • The feminine in ekphrasis
  • Ghostwriting and women
  • Journalism
  • Cliches of sentimentality
  • The struggle of female writers in a male-dominated world
  • Influential female writers

The full conference programme will be announced after the proposal deadline, once all our presenters have been chosen.

**Participants interested in attending the conference without presenting a paper are also welcome.

Submission Guidelines: Abstracts should be submitted through https://forms.gle/A8r6KfTWghoQH7wb8 by January 31, 2024.

Conference fee (for in person participation) includes:

Tea/coffee breaks on both days, lunch on first day (besides the conference booklet and the amazing intellectul, creative, and networking experiences and opportunities)

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or clarifications, please email us on conferences@labrc.co.uk

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