The Mystery Makers: a series of mystery-writing workshops

The Mystery Makers:
a series of mystery-writing workshops

by Carol Pouliot, Tina deBellegarde, Lida Sideris, and Jen Collins Moore

When: February 7, 14, 21, and 28 (2024)
6:00pm-7:30pm (UK)

Where: Zoom

Cost: 100 GBP

Session 1: Carol Pouliot – Introduction

What’s so great about Agatha Christie? Learn the tricks of the trade used by the best-selling mystery writer of all time.

How did Agatha do it? With clever plots, carefully planted clues, and plenty of twists and turns, Agatha Christie’s books stand the test of time. Carol Pouliot breaks down the decisions mystery writers make about character, setting, and plot using passages from some of Christie’s most celebrated books. (Spoiler alert: Carol will discuss the solutions to the following:  The Hollow, And Then There Were NoneMurder on the Orient Express, and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.)

Session 2: Tina deBellegarde – Settings

Settings and Micro-settings: How to use setting to do some heavy lifting in your writing. 

Setting is not just about where you choose to place your story. Every scene has a micro-setting which can be used to influence mood, increase or relieve tension, and flesh out a character. With Tina deBellegarde you will investigate how each scene in your story can be an opportunity to build and enrich your big picture setting and support your character development.  

Session 3: Lida Sideris – Characters

Getting into Character: Breathing Life into Fictional Sleuths, Sidekicks and Villains. 

Poirot, Bosch, Millhone and Plum – what makes these characters so memorable? This workshop with Lida Sideris will provide the groundwork for developing engaging heroes, heroines, suspects and a supporting cast that readers can love, hate and even relate to. Learn why character conflict, interaction, reaction and relationships are essential to creating an intriguing mystery.

Session 4: Jen Collins Moore – Plots

Tension, Clues & Red Herrings: How to structure a mystery that keeps the reader guessing until the very last page

Great mysteries are puzzles for the reader to untangle. Join Jen Collins Moore as she explains her step-by-step method for plotting stories that work. This interactive workshop includes activities to break your mystery into its key elements and tips for getting the pacing, structure, and stakes just right.

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