Jungian Arts-Based Research: Learn it, Do it, Teach it.

Jungian Arts-Based Research: Learn it, Do it, Teach it.
A one-month course in October 2023 meeting live online twice a week.

Jungian Arts-Based Research (JABR) begins in the psychic image and uses the creativity and dynamism of the collective unconscious to find and shape meaning for issues ranging from personal myth to collaborative social justice. It can even investigate the shadows of the split psyche of modernity. JABR is a transdisciplinary practice rooted in the imaginal fertility of the artist entwined with the cosmological perspectives of synchronicity, emergence, and complexity. Since JABR adds ideas and techniques from Jungian psychology to the Arts-Based Research developed in the academy since the 1990s, there is a need to teach this revised methodology to students at all levels of education, groups seeking social justice practices, to foster wellbeing, and as a way of re-invigorating workplaces. JABR can be done online or face to face and requires no prior expertise from participants.

You will learn the essential JABR concepts and practices while doing your own project from inception to conclusion during the twice weekly online course. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to teach or lead workshops in this exciting methodology that places creativity and artmaking at the center of knowing and being. Participants can bring any mode of art to the course from poetry to paining, filmmaking to sculpture, performing, collage to digital art and more.

You can be an experienced practitioner or entirely new to creative practice. JABR is not about talent but about imagination. We all have one of those.

The course consists of four weekly modules, each with two live meetings on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 – 9pm GMT/11am – 1pm PDT. Much of the Thursday class will be students presenting their work so far from work done on the Monday.

Week 1: Revolutionizing Learning and Being (you learn how JABR challenges splits in modernity and generate your unique project)
Monday: Paradigm in perspective
Thursday: Refining a topic or research area

Week 2: Revolutionizing Research (you practice embodied and image-based creative forms of research for your project)
Monday: Embodied creative practices.
Thursday: New pathways to knowing

Week 3: Revolutionizing Process (you explore JABR process in your project)
Monday: Synchronicities in doing art.
Thursday: Working with spontaneity

Week 4: Revolutionizing Art in the World (your complete project is explored as materialized personal myth and as autonomous in-spirited, inspired being-in-the-world)
Monday: Projectio and making meanings
Thursday: Your artwork as autonomous knower, as trans-cultural, trans-historical engine of generating knowing and being. How does it draw you to your future?

Required Reading

Jungian Arts-based Research and the Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico (2021), by Susan Rowland and Joel Weishaus.

Susan Rowland (PhD), formerly Professor of English and Jungian Studies at Greenwich is Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California. She has published extensively on Jung, gender, literature, and detective fiction. Her Jungian arts-based research is writing the Mary Wandwalker detective novels.Susan lives in California with digital literary artist, Joel Weishaus.  Email: susanr183@gmail.com

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