“Psyche and Symbol” conference

Conference Schedule:

Call for Papers: Psyche and Symbol Conference

Date: October 14-15, 2023
Fees: 150 GBP (In-Person participation)
90 GBP (Online participation)

October 14: The Association of Jungian Analysts’ Centre in London and Online
October 15: Online

“You see, man is in need of a symbolic life – badly in need… Only the symbolic life can express the need of the soul”– Carl Jung, London 1939 seminar for the Guild for Pastoral Psychology

We are delighted to announce our “Psyche and Symbol” conference, a transdisciplinary gathering that seeks to explore the captivating intersection of symbolism and psychology. The conference aims to delve into the profound connections between the human psyche and the myriad symbols that permeate our lives, shaping our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

About the Conference:

The “Psyche and Symbol Conference” will serve as a platform for scholars, creatives, researchers, and practitioners from diverse fields, including psychology, literature, anthropology, art, mythology, and more, to come together and engage in stimulating discussions about the profound influence of symbols on the human mind.

Themes and Topics:

We invite abstract submissions for 15-minute presentations that explore various aspects of symbolism and psychology, including but not limited to:

  • Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious: Exploring the universal symbols embedded in the human psyche and their role in shaping cultures and societies.
  • Dreams and Symbols: Analyzing the role of symbolism in dreams and their significance in understanding the unconscious mind.
  • Symbolism in Literature and Art: Examining the use of symbols in different forms of arts-based research, such as literary works, visual arts, and other creative expressions, and their impact on individual and collective psyche.
  • Poetic Inquiry: how symbols appear in, arise from, and create both poetry and knowledge in arts-based research
  • Rituals and Symbolic Gestures: Investigating the symbolic nature of rituals and ceremonial practices in various cultures and their psychological implications.
  • Mythology and Symbolic Narratives: Unravelling the symbolic dimensions of mythological stories and their relevance in understanding human behaviour and belief systems.
  • Psychoanalysis and Symbolism: Discussing the contributions of psychoanalysis in deciphering the intricate web of symbols and their therapeutic applications.
  • Symbolism in Religion and Spirituality: Delving into the role of symbols in religious and spiritual practices, their transformative potential, and their psychological impact on believers.
  • Symbolism in Culture and Society: Exploring how symbols shape cultural identities, social norms, and collective worldviews.
  • Nature and Symbolism: Investigating the symbolism of the natural world and its profound influence on human perception and inner life.
  • The Future of Symbolism: Speculating on the evolving role of symbols in contemporary society and the digital age.

**Participants interested in attending the conference without presenting a paper are also welcome.

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts should be submitted through https://forms.gle/gDjkfzFFfGQ75wCg6 by September 3, 2023.

Publication Opportunities:

Selected papers presented at the conference will be invited for publication in a special post-conference proceeding. Further details on submission guidelines and timelines will be provided after the conference.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or clarifications, please reach out to our conference team on info@labrc.co.uk

We hope you can join us for an intellectually stimulating and transformative journey as we explore the profound realm of “Psyche and Symbol.” We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant conference community!

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