“Stand and Deliver: Fearlessly Facing your Audience”

Workshop:  “Stand and Deliver: Fearlessly Facing your Audience”, by Paula Messina 

Date:               Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Time:              6:00-8:30 UK (1:00-3:30 EDT) 
Price:             £25 

An often overlooked but important skill every writer needs in his toolbox is the ability to perform for an audience. This workshop will discuss how to prepare and deliver an effective reading whether on Zoom or in person. 

The session will cover the following topics: 

* how speaking in public is like riding a bike 
* how to make nerves your ally 
* how to own the stage, make eye contact, and project your voice 
* how to deal with handouts and visual aids 
* what questions to ask beforehand 
* what to do if asked to read at the last minute 
* what are the best techniques for reading aloud 
* why pauses are your friend 

Everyone will have an opportunity to prepare and read aloud an assigned text and discuss the experience. 

The second session will allow participants to showcase their newly acquired skills by reading a five-seven minute text of their own choice. Feedback and suggestions on ways for participants to continue to develop their skills will be provided. 

Each session will last two and a half hours. Participants will be limited to ten. 

Bio: Paula Messina is an award-winning orator and speech-contest winner. She has performed several times in the King’s Chapel Concert Series, has sung in the Boston area and New York City, and has written and performed sketch comedy and stand-up routines. She was a guest speaker for the National Writers Union, Central New England College, the Jupiter Elementary School, Park Street Church, First Church Unitarian, and the Advanced Speakers Toastmasters Club. 

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