The Creative Psyche and Arts-Based Research Conference

The Creative Psyche and Arts-Based Research Conference
Association of Jungian Analysts Centre
(Camden, London)
June 10-11

Call for Papers:

“… art has forms with ancient origins that enact historically inflected ways of knowing and being.” 

from Susan Rowland, Jungian Arts-Based Research and the Nuclear Enchantment of New Mexico (p. 24)

How do we use art as a means for generating knowledge, and vice versa? What do the different forms of art (such as music, poetry, dance, painting, writing, etc.) connect the psyche to? The London Arts-Based Research Centre is excited to announce the upcoming conference, “The Creative Psyche and Arts-Based Research”, to be held on June 10-11 at the Association of Jungian Analysts Centre in Camden, London (an online participation option will also be available). The conference will explore the intersections between creativity, the psyche, and arts-based research, as we seek to bring together diverse ideas, artefacts, and methods that show this connection. The psyche, with its creative use of both conscious and unconscious content, is a marvellous multi-dimensional entity, and we aim to look at the many ways and tools we can harness for both knowledge-making and the production of different types of art (visual, literary, musical, etc.).

We welcome proposals from creatives, academics, researchers, and practitioners from all over the world, whose work engages with the relationship between creativity and mental processes.

We invite proposals for papers, presentations, and creative works that engage with (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • The role of creativity in mental health and wellbeing
  • Active imagination
  • Arts-based research methods for exploring mental health issues
  • Dreamwork
  • Synchronicity and/or the psychoid realm in creativity
  • Artography
  • Art as a tool for individuation and/alchemy
  • Poetry therapy
  • Jungian arts-based research
  • Poetic inquiry
  • Archetypal reflections in creative expression
  • Art therapy
  • The role of dreams in writing poetry
  • Modernist and post-modernist ideas connecting the psyche with art
  • Visionary art
  • Surrealist approaches to art
  • Motivational psychology for creative writers
  • Creativity and self-expression in mental health recovery
  • Hypnotherapy in creative processes
  • Myth as a healing method
  • Approaches for transdisciplinarity
  • Creativity and mental health stigma reduction
  • The impact of mental illness on artistic expression and practice
  • The relationship between mental health and creative blocks
  • The potential of the arts for promoting mental health awareness and advocacy
  • Arts-based research methods for exploring creativity
  • The relationship between creativity and mental health
  • The role of creativity in education and pedagogy
  • Arts-based research and social justice
  • The impact of technology on creativity and artistic practice
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • The intersection of creativity and spirituality
  • The role of creativity in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research
  • Positive psychology through art-making

We welcome 250-word proposals from creatives, researchers, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, including visual arts, creative writing, music, dance, drama, psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, and psychiatry.

Kindly fill out the abstract form by May 10. For any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us on

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the Conference in June! #PsychreativeConference #CreativityandMentalHealth #ArtsBasedResearch #ArtTherapy #MentalHealthAwareness #PoeticInquiry #ArtsBasedLearning #QualitativeResearchMethods

Registration Fees:

90 GBP (online participation)
150 GBP (in-person participation)

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    • Dear Peter,

      Many thanks for your interest in our “Creative Psyche and Arts-Based Research” conference, and for your question regarding ecology and art as activism–which we are certainly interested in!! While this is a welcome topic in the aforementioned conference, we actually have a conference dedicated to this theme, “Ecopoetics and Environmental Aesthetics”, coming up soon at Kew Gardens in July, with renowned professor/poet Ruth Padel as our keynote speaker. You may find the full cfp and conference info here:

      We look forward to receiving your abstract for any of the conferences you choose!

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