Mysteries and Histories

The London Arts-Based Research Centre

Mysteries and Histories
A Transdisciplinary Conference

June 24-25, 2023
Venue: The Court House in Martock, Somerset (UK)

Registration fees:

In-person participation: £150
Virtual participation: £90

Call for Papers

Countless historical enigmas remain unsolved to this day and inspire so much mystery writing—think of the Turin Shroud, the Stonehenge megaliths, the pyramids and pharaohs of Egypt, Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle and others. Mystery writers  hope to discover or unlock these long-buried historical secret while researching  their novels. With themes ranging from Egyptology, medieval alchemy, lost paintings, wars, scientific discoveries and any other significant moments from the distant past, many popular mysteries have taken the literary world by storm and ignited an interest in history.

So there is an intimate relationship between history and mystery fiction. 

The London Centre for Arts-Based Research is now accepting proposals for papers and panels for its first “Mysteries and Histories” conference, to take place at The Court House Residency in Martock, Somerset, a marvelous location which in itself is rich with history and mysteries!

We welcome 15-minute presentations (academic and/or creative) that reflect this theme.

The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars, creatives, bookworms, writers, postgraduate students, and other professionals to explore and discuss the relationship between history and mystery writing.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mysteries in audiobooks
  • Humour in mysteries and historical fiction
  • Time travel in mystery writing
  • Whodunits in historical settings
  • Biographical mysteries
  • Paranormal and supernatural elements in histories and mystery fiction
  • History/mystery writing for the screen and theatre
  • “Truth” in historical non-fiction
  • Famous “mystery” historical figures and their adaptation in contemporary writing
  • Special themes in historical mysteries
  • The writing process (of mystery writing, historical fiction, and historical nonfiction)
  • Research and data collection for creative writers (forensics, police, psychology etc.)
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Pop mysteries
  • Literary classics in mystery and detective fiction
  • Representations of detectives and other significant characters in mystery writing
  • Film adaptations of both mystery and historical fiction
  • The cozy murder mystery (and other subgenres of detective fiction)
  • The mind in writer and/or reader mode (for historical mysteries)
  • Latest trends in detective fiction/historical fiction
  • Art and history in mystery writing

Presenters can  share papers and/or creative work, as we highly encourage arts-based research. Please send abstracts of 250-words and brief biographies on the abstract form by May 20, 2023. We aim to notify participants of accepted proposals by May 22, 2023. For any queries, please contact us at

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