Psychreative #18: “Demystifying Tarot, Reshaping Personal Narratives”


Let's get rid of the tired old stereotypes about Tarot. This conference will delve into the less explored aspects of this "wicked pack of cards," away from the cliché of divination or parlor trick. Tarot can be immensely helpful as a tool for introspection, by inviting us to project our personal history on the cards and surprising us by telling our stories back in a way we never thought of, helping us gain new perspectives on our choices. We will examine Tarot as a "prompt machine" that can be used to ask the questions that we may not have thought of outside of this unusual invitation of thinking; we will understand how the cards can help us reshape our personal narratives and claim them back for ourselves, and also how this versatile tool can be used as a means of creative inspiration, from narrative writings to painting and poetry.

This session is not about divining the future, but instead delving deeper into ourselves. You will gain a better understanding of Tarot's practical applications and how it can be used to improve your own personal understanding. Join us and be prepared to engage in a serious and thought-provoking examination of Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.


Emmanuelle Iger is an experienced speaker, author, and teacher in the field of Tarot. She discovered Tarot by chance, while researching the use of symbolism in the unconscious and in therapeutic settings. Fascinated by its potential as a tool for self-discovery and creative expression, she has been sharing her knowledge through writing, teaching, and workshop facilitation in Paris for the past ten years.

Emmanuelle is dedicated to demystifying and demythologizing Tarot to help others understand and utilize its potential outside of any belief system. Her presentations are focused on delivering a practical and grounded understanding of the subject matter.


We invite you to explore the world of Tarot through personal expression. Take a moment to consider these two randomly drawn Tarot cards and allow yourself to be inspired by the energy they give out together. Use these prompts to create a short poem from what you see in the cards. (Nine of Coins and the Ten of Wands from the Tarot de Marseille-Waite, (c) Trajectoire 2020). 

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